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1- We offer an extensive range of solutions that cover choices from recessed panels, surface mount LED panels and colored panels.

2- When it comes to stylish and ergonomic shapes, we offer you three uniform choices ranging from square panels to round and rectangular panels.

3- Affordably priced, you get the guarantee of supreme quality LED products from our online store.

4- We offer LED panel lights that work at different power watts ranging from 6W to 18W.

5- You get the choice to pick panel lights that operate in three different colored temperatures – Cool white, warm white and daylight.

6- With easy installation features, it is extremely convenient to switch on and off the lights externally.

7- Optimum brightness, soothing for your senses and effective in creating the right backdrop in your workplace and residence.

8- Our panel LED lights come with a warranty of two years but with a promise of a lifetime.

Our range of recessed and surface mount LED panels is sustainable helping you reduce your carbon footprint on the planet in a big way. PanelHut, UK offers you the best and premier LED lighting solutions for your home and office.